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I still like long hair, but I'm no longer in a rush to get it.

by Ane Na, posted on 2nd May 2017


I recently took down the braids that I had been wearing for 1 month. I usually wear my hair in braids for about 2 months, but wearing them became unmanageable. The slippage problem never bothered me, I've been braiding my hair for 27 years so I'm used to it. But I had braided my hair tailbone length because that is the length that I thought I wanted and I really did not know how to style or maintain that length so I took them out early. The problems that I had with tailbone length braids were: how to protect them at night., nothing was large enough to encase them in, how to protect my edges with so much hair and how to style it beside wearing in a bun or straight down. I thought about it and the reason why I don't have any issues with my midback length is because I grow it from chin length and it was a process. I went from chin length to collar bone, to shoulder, to arm pit , to brastrap and now at mid back length, but at each phase I learned how take care of how to : tie up my hair at night, how to protect my edges and how to style it in many different ways. So I am not longer in a rush to get to tailbone length. I'd rather learn how to care for my hair at each length the best way possible. How about you, how has it been waiting for your hair to grow and are you presently able to manage your hair or are you in a rush to have very long hair. *the picture is from


Ane Na

@Karen-Symone Lee - It sure is... thanks for sharing :)

2 months ago

Karen-Symone Lee

Length is a pain. I feel like I want longer hair but I have to remind myself that I need to enjoy each stage. It makes it easy as you focus on health.

2 months ago

Ane Na

@ Angel O'Conner-
Thank you so much for sharing your journey ,for reading my post and for sharing what works with protecting braids at night :)

2 months ago

Angel O'Conner

After the first time I big chopped my hair I was kind of in a rush to grow my hair out until I realized I messed up my ends by using regular crafting scissors lol, so I had to big chop a second time and this time I actually used hair scissors. To make a long story short I kept learning how to take care of my hair and scalp better so that distracted me from stressing out about the length. When I completely forgot about the length and focused on the health of my hair the length automatically came to. My hair is still not at the length that I want it to be yet but it will get there eventually.... and for your braids, you can buy a giant silk scarf and split your hair into halves or more sections if you need to and loosely braid or twists those sections and create a "hammock" with the scarf on the back of your head so your braids are laying in there comfortably.

2 months ago

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