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The Zen Of Slippage

by Ane Na, posted on 21st Apr 2017


So you’ve spent a lot of money and time on having your hair put into a protective style. Or maybe you’ve spent a lot of money on products and time in order to actually do the protective style yourself. Now you can ignore your hair for a week, a month or three months. Right? I mean after all, that is the job of a protective style…to be able to ignore your hair and take a break from the responsibility. Right? Wrong. The role of a protective style is to minimize hair manipulation and protect the ends of your hair so that you can care for your scalp and hair and help them became as healthy as possible. Before you put your hair into a protective style , during the process and when your hair is in a protective style, that is the time when you do your most work in maintain your hair. While its in a protective style in order to reap the benefits of not only hair growth, but you want hair retention and a health scalp. In order to achieve your hair goals on your hair journey, which is really a journey back to authenticity a journey back to self love, you must : hydrate, oil and cleanse your hair. But what actually happens? Life gets in the way of caring for your hair, loving your hair while its in a protective style. You get distracted by all of the things your must to do maintain the quality of your life. But then all of a sudden…I’m going to say it…brace yourself…slippage happens! You want to scream! This has ruined all of your plans. You spent a lot of money getting your hair done. Or you spent a lot of money on products to do your hair. It does not matter your hair type….you are going to experience slippage of your protective style at some point. But guess what …slippage of your protective style forces you to stop…and take care of your hair and scalp and to love them, which is why you began this hair journey. So the Zen of Slippage..allows you to take back your power and do what you already wanted to do, to be the real you and to love yourself the way that you were meant to be. I braided my own (2c-3b) hair on Mon. By wed., I have fuzz and most of my braids have slipped…so what do I do? I turn on my favorite tv show, or sometimes play my most favorite music, line up my co- wash and LOC products and go to showing my hair some love. I reflect on my hair journey, my journey back to myself and I co-wash the braids that slipped and I LOC method them and re-braid them. When I’m done I go back to living my life. Wed. has passed and now its Fri. same fuzz , same slippage different area…I do the same thing to the braids that have slipped. Next week, slippage will be back…so I don’t need to co-wash the ones that I already co-washed, but I will LOC method them and rebraid them. At this point I can almost predict that slippage is going to happen. But guess what …I’m going to continue to be honest…If it were not for slippage….I would not take such good care of my hair. Were it not for slippage, I would just forget about it while it was in its protective style and then after I take down my protective style..wonder why my hair is so unhealthy. But what happens instead is that because of slippage I am forced to: hydrate, oil and cleanse my hair and when I take down my protective style…I always cry tears of happiness and I am so amazed and grateful at how: healthy my scalp is, how strong, long, and unbelievably beautiful my hair looks and its all because of slippage. We always feel more powerful when we anticipate and create change So , anticipate the slippage, plan for it. Get a box and title it the slippage box and put everything that you will need: deep conditioner, co-wash, LOC method items, brush, comb, your favorite CD, or DVD. Write out a schedule of when you anticipate that slippage may happen and put it on your fridge. Then go to your box and love your hair.


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