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35 Practices that Lead to Hair Growth and Hair Length Retention By ANe Na

by Ane Na, posted on 7th Apr 2017


35 Practices that Lead to Hair Growth and Hair Length Retention By ANe Na Hair Growth and Hair Length Retention are topics that are on everyone’s mind at some point of their lives. They either want it, need it or are happy with it. When I began growing my hair 2 years ago, (my hair that is cut in layers) was as such: the bangs were way above my eyebrows in the middle and on the sides temple length and the back of my hair was chin length. Now three years later : my bangs in the front are below chin length, the sides are shoulder length and the back is mid back length. Here are the 35 practices that I do which ead to hair growth and hair length retention. 1. I treat my hair as if it were more precious than a diamond…because for me it is. 2. I use this affirmation: I look in the mirror and smiling as I whisper “ I love my hair…its so beautiful…its healthy and its so long!” 3. I clear my life of people, places and things that are negative or stressful…stress makes your hair fall out and does not allow it to grow. 4. I meditate 5. I am gentle to my hair and if I need to brush or comb it, I only use detangling combs and brushes and I only do that with conditioner in my hair. 6. Each day at least 3 times a day I visualize myself with hair that is healthy, hair that is growing, hair at different lengths and hair at the goal length that I want it to be. 7. I practice good will or karma – when I see anyone with natural hair …well we see each other at the same time…I always affirm them…by smiling and saying …” I love your hair!” I say that because we both know what it takes to take care of your hair and to embrace your hair, to embrace who you are in a society that says straight hair is the only hair that should be the goal and is to be praised. 8. I do hair massages using the pads of my fingers ( making sure my nails are filed and don’t touch my scalp) with an oil mixture: castor oil, moringa oil and coconut oil mixture (even amounts), with my head in an inverted position. Then when I am done I take a small amount of this oil mixture and rub it from root to the ends of my hair. 9. I check for single strand knots and snip them with a sharp scissor, I also trim tiny amounts of split ends if I see any..I usually don’t have any. 10. I use a multivitamin with my dinner. 11. I drink 8 glasses of water a day (if not more). 12. I take 5,0000 mcg of biotin once a week never on the same day ( so my body does not get too used to it too soon) and the effects can work at the strongest. 13. I eat beans and a lot of protein. 14. I take one capsule of 150 mg Hyaluronic acid a day along with 3000mg in the morning and 3000mg and I the evening of Type 1 and Type 3 of Hydrolyzed Collagen (on an empty stomach) by itself. 15. I take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C ( with breakfast so it close to the time that I have taken the hyaluronic acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen- they fuel each other) 16. 1 eat cup of blueberries in the morning ( high in Procynaidins - lead to hair growth) 17. 1 eat cup of corn during dinner( high in Procynaidins- lead to hair growth) 18. I have Kale, Green leaf lettuce and Spinach salad with my lunch and dinner. 19. I pre-poo with coconut oil over night. 20. I use a leave in conditioner. 21. I detangle with a wide to tooth comb and detangling brush only when I have conditioner in my hair. 22. I don’t style my hair in ways the over manipulate the hair. 23. I don’t use rubber bands. 24. I use hair sticks and bobby pins when I want to wear my hair up ( I usually wear my hair up in a protective style). 25. I braid my hair at night and cover my hair with a satin slumber cap. 26. I dry my hair with a t-shirt after I wash it and leave it damp and let my hair air dry so it drinks up all of the water. 27. I use hair masks once a week. 28. Wash my hair once a week with sulfate free shampoo 29. Condition once a week ( once a month protein conditioner and three times a month moisturizing conditioner). 30. I use the LOC method ( Leave in, oil and cream). 31. I use styling gel that does not have alcohol. 32. I use products that don’t strip my hair. 33. I moisturize my hair every day when I braid it at night. 34. I wear my hair up and curly (in its natural state) most of the time. 35. I avoid styling my hair with heat, but if I do I only do it 2 times a year (in order to do a length check) with a six months rest in between. That’s what works for me what works for you?


Ane Na

The other observation that I wanted to share was, that as a result of following these 35 practices, my nails and skin were also improved.

2 months ago

Lesley White

I use shampoo biweekly. Incowash weekly and treat with coconut oil every week. Daily multi vitamins help too.

2 months ago

Ane Na

@Lesley White- I thought of co-washing weekly, but I was afraid that it would dry out my hair. Thanks for posting. Co-washing helps with hair growth, so I will add that to my practice. Thanks again.

2 months ago

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